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About Me

I’m a digital Illustrator and character designer based in Bradford. I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember with Art & Design being the constant driving force behind my career development. I Graduated in Computer Animation in 2009 and went on to become the head of design for a leading digital marketing agency and as of 2022, a full time independent artist.


I have worked on Animated TV series, Books, Music videos, Documentaries and more, with notable clients such as Spin Master (Creators of Paw Patrol), The British Council and The National Literacy Trust, as well as numerous creatives and independent publishers.


I have always been drawn to expressive characters, from the works of Disney, Dreamworks and other western influences to the world of Anime and Manga. I feel my work takes influence from both worlds while keeping expression at the forefront of the characters I create.

Manga & My First Book (Tall Tales)

In 2016, I made my Manga Debut and became a finalist in the UK’s Manga Jiman Competition, later taking 2nd place, and from those works, have now released my first book, a collection of short Manga stories, which was launched in early 2022 called ‘Tall Tales’.


JaNoiry & My Second Book

In 2018 I conceptualised an art challenge called ‘Janoiry’ (Ja-Noir-y), a film-noir themed art challenge that takes place in the month January, where participants create artwork based around given prompts each day. It was first launched publicly in 2020 and has been taking place every year since, with hundreds of participants taking part every year with their own unique take on the challenge (currently 1300+ works on Instagram). From my own personal contributions to the challenge, I have launched my second book in 2022, as an ‘Art of’ approach, documenting the process of creating each piece of art for the Janoiry Challenge.


Social Media Growth (250k+)

In late 2022, I managed to considerably grow my social media reach and following on both Instagram and TikTok through my quirky ‘How to Draw’ series, which features short form videos (approx. 20 seconds long each) detailing ‘shortcuts’ to different aspects of digital paintings, things that I personally found that made drawing much easier. The reason behind their popularity was that they presented in a humorous way, with a fun animation at the end. You can watch the current videos here.

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(As of 11/02/24)

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A collection of Film-Noir inspired artwork for the ‘JaNoiry’ Challenge

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Welcome to my website, have a browse of my work or learn a little more about me. If you need to get in touch, don’t hesitate to reach out.